Real Jamaican Banana Fritters Recipe


Overripe bananas never ever go to waste in our home and many other Jamaican households. They would be used for making one of my favorite meals, banana fritters. I liked eating banana fritters as it was major lunch break items I learned to make it growing up as a kid. My beloved mom Sarah had the menu written out on a piece of paper and stuck it on the family fridge.

Here is a simple Jamaican Banana Fritters menu.


3 bananas (overripe – skin brown)
0.5 cup brown-sugar
1 tea spoon vanilla importance
1 tea spoon nutmeg
2 eggs
2 Cups flour (or more for thicker mixture)
one particular teaspoon baking powder


Crush bananas until they are they are just like a cream.
Beat eggs.
Incorporate flour, baking powder, sweets and nutmeg in a bowl.
Add eggs and bananas then mix. Add more more flour for a thicker mix.
Heat saucepan with vegetable oil.
Drop a sizable spoon into the hot oil then details a tiny batter into the frying pan.
Deep flame up in a frying baking pan till brown and sharp on the edges.
Take it out of the frying pan and put to drain and provide.



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