How deep is the ocean? A question still not adequately answered. However, the deepest part of the ocean is said to be 36,200 feet deep approximately. This was discovered by the crew of HMS Challenger, who sounded the depths of the trench in 1875.

As fascinating as the ocean looks, you cannot deny the fact that it brings horror along. While the sea is about planning a kayaking trip, it is also about unknown and dangerous encounters. There are several of creatures deep in the ocean which are horrifying. Seeing them can give you goosebumps. Some of them are listed below:


This creature is found in the depths of the ocean. It has proportionally big red eyes which gave it the name vampire. The name vampire has nothing to do with the sucking ability of blood for this creature. As a matter of fact, these species tentacles barely have suckers.


We cannot talk about dragons on land, but underwater this dangerously looking dragonfish exists. This creature starts its life from the bottom of the ocean. But with time, by the method of bioluminescence, it starts producing light of its own. A barbel joined to its lower jaw, is one of the reasons for its light producing, which this species uses for hunting too.


It is found in the depth of 1200 meters, in Australia and New Zealand. Down there its habitat the pressure is much higher than at the surface. That makes the body of this species gooey like.


At the surface of North Atlantic and the Arctic Circle, this creature haunts the bottom of the ocean permanently, where the water is dark and cold.


After seeing a picture of this creature, one might only hope never to encounter this fellow in real life. The species structure is rare; it has its head and eyes on his head. It sits on the sand waiting for its prey to swim by and that is when it attacks.


Dumbo octopus is not as terrifying as the creatures listed above. It got its name after a Disney film`s elephant. It is one of the cute creatures from the deeper layer.


Barreleye or spook fish is an extraordinary creature with their eyes upwards, waiting for their prey. But its transparent dome distinguishes it from other creature down that low.


This creature is not seen by many specimens as it dwells in the deepest of the surface. Its jaws and physical appearance made it worthy of this name.


The frilled shark is in habitat in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is found in the deepest part of the ocean. It is hypothesized that this creature captures and swallow its prey like a snake, by bleeding its body and lunging forward.


On the floor of the Pacific Ocean, this creature is not more than an inch. But 6 kilometers below the waves they can grow 1 foot in length. They are that one of the weird looking underwater species.

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